Executive Search

Our executive search services have one goal: to provide you with a line-up of the very best options for your company. We employ rigorous, time-tested methods to identify and attract outstanding talent; strong leaders who will work well within your distinct culture, bring practical solutions and exciting ideas to the table, and ensure lasting success for your business. Our deep connections across a multitude of industries and geographies ensure we can find talented professionals who will meet the rigorous demands of you and your board.

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Founding Principals

Proven Process was founded with the belief that simplicity is the fastest path to success. With more than 20 years of hands-on sales and leadership experience in the staffing industry from the desk level to $200+ Million organizations. We believe our people are the difference and treating them with professionalism, trust, and respect for their experience is the key to helping them achieve their goals and give them options to pursue their dreams and interests.

We have a long history of developing and implementing differentiating strategies resulted in client success across numerous industries. We have demonstrated committed and constructive leadership in everything from market turnarounds to organic expansions. Our industry knowledge and insight into what really works for clients have resulted in what is rightly known as “proven process.”